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Advanced Bodybuilding Exercises to Enhance Gains

Friday, January 22nd, 2010


Bodybuilding Exercises

to Enhance Gains!

While most people will gain a great deal from Bodybuilding Exercises when they first start out, there will come a point when the “gains” you acquire start to slow down. This is because the body becomes accustomed to the type of work that it is performing. As a result, the impact of the bodybuilding exercises starts to diminish. Of course, there are ways to overcome such plateaus and they are well worth looking into.

The most common way people will try to overcome their plateaus is also the means that needs to be avoided. Specifically, people will try to pack on a lot of extra weight and perform longer sets. This strategy often backfires because it can cause over training and injuries. Additionally, it is not a process that is even very necessary since there are other means in which one can use to boost their muscle development. Some of these methods have been employed by bodybuilders for years and they are definitely worth examining.

The Pre-Exhaustion Method is probably one of the most helpful means of boosting your muscle building potential. The way this process works involves simply performing isolation exercises to exhaustion and then to perform a compound bodybuilding exercises that provide secondary stress to the muscles that have been exhausted in the isolation exercise. A common example of this entails performing leg extensions to failure and then performing squats for their regular number of sets. This could lead to rather surprising results despite the simplicity of the plan.

Static contraction training is employed by some for solid effect. These Bodybuilding Exercises revolve around flexing the muscles into a static position and slow lifting the weights for a small number of reps in the proper range of motion. This can be a somewhat difficult process but it is worth it considering the results that are achievable.

Negative reps are also quite helpful bodybuilding exercises that can deliver significant results in a short period of time. While most people are concerned with lifting weights, they can be very beneficial to lower as well. This is known as a negative repetition and it is sometimes overlooked. To get the most out of a negative rep, all you need to do is lower the weight very, very slowly. This allows gravity to maximize its pull on the weight which aids in boosting the development of your muscles.

Super setting is probably the most basic of all enhancement programs. How it works entails performing three or four sets of exercises with completely different muscle groups one right after another. This type of workout allows you to get a ton of exercises in a single workout session. This can lead to significantly boosting muscle mass in a short period of time.

There are other exercises you can employ to boost your success rate in overcoming plateaus. Following the ones listed here will yield great improvements but you are not limited to using these specific exercises exclusively. Yes, you can get past a plateau. You just need to know how.

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