Basic Bodybuilding Exercises To Blast Your Biceps

Bodybuilding Exercises

  - To Blast Your Biceps!

Here’s a short article that my friend Luke put together for you. I basically goes hand in hand with the videos I’ve allready shown you at this point. I’m sorry if things are a bit messy at my blog the last days but I am trying to learn how this blogging thing works and I am probably better at building muscles and working on my Bodybuilding Exercises than I am to do IT techie stuff :)

While a rataher simple exercise, the trick is to build up muscle mass steadily, ensuring that you develop your back muscles adequately as well, to hold the additional burden. So never try and do this exercise too fast, or build up the weight steps you use too quickly either. For this bodybuilding exercise, you customarily use dumbbells, though if you’re in a fix, like a hotel room on business or holiday and without your kit, you may use just about anything – like bags of sugar or filled two litre bottles even – anything you can grip correctly can do, in the circumstances. By getting creative, you can still have your body-building fix, wherever you are! To try this wonderful and extremely simple muscle building exercise, stand with a straight back, with the weights in your hands, palms towards your sides, facing inwards. Now, it’s time to get your respiring exactly right so take some time to focus on nice deep breaths that come from lower down in your torso, instead of your chest.

Taking a good minute here to focus and get a deep respiring pattern can make all of the difference to your success later. Prepared to do the exercise then? Slowly and consistently, move the dumbbells upwards towards the chest with the elbows tight in next to your body. Don’t rush this, however tantalizing it could be, as the slow drag on your muscles is what makes the difference. As you do this, coordinate it with exhaling totally. Gradually revolve the wrists such that when they get to chest level, they’re facing the chest nicely. If this is the 1st time you have attempted this, it’d take 2 goes to get it right – that is OK, taking your time now to hone your methodology is definitely worth it! Then it is time to hold for 2 seconds, before letting the weights down. One vital further benefit is if you slowly reverse the action back down, instead of relax too fast, you’ll get the value of a second action on the muscles, therefore doubling the benefit on the way back down. This is where your delicate inhaling, remember, from lower down instead of at the pinnacle of your chest, works best for you.

The key to good muscle development is the repetitions, instead of intense weights, so selecting a weight that is too heavy will make the 1st repetition feel uncomfortable, which isn’t a good thing. (editor disagrees: Editor is a fan of heavy weights and few reps!! You should know, Luke :)   Ed.)

Use this as your test. Light force on up to twenty reps will be the best you can do to develop your biceps nicely and safely. In all iron pumping exercises, continuously inflating the weight as you gain strength will work best for you.

Dumbbell curls are one of the best weightlifting exercises you can do and after a sequence of repetitions that suit you personally ( and a weight that’s satisfactory too ) you will instantly feel a toning to your biceps. In truth every day that you do this bodybuilding exercise, you will all day, have an excellent sensation that you are causing a difference, to your physique, step-by-step.


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