Bodybuilding Excercises And Neuromuscular Stimulation

Bodybuilding Excercises

…And Neuromuscular Stimulation

Being a PT some of the most common questions I get are the ones dealing with which bodybuilding exercises are the best ones for increasing lean muscle mass gains. I get this question, if not daily, at least several times a week and it starts getting on my nerves frankly ;) Therefore, I decided to put up this blog so that people could learn more about bodybuilding exercises and how to do them THE RIGTH WAY…

In bodybuilding, there are a lot of different exercises to choose from. But which ones should YOU choose to sculpt the body of YOUR dreams?

Generally, results in bodybuilding are measured in the body composition changes; increase in muscle mass or tone, depending on your goal, as well as decreased body fat. How fast these changes are are acquired depends on the bodybuilding routines being used as well as the diet plan followed. It is also very important that you get enough sleep to be able to gain the maximum of muscle mass.
To have success in your bodybuilding you need to plan your workout routine in a system that is cycled or periodized. You also need to work at maximum load and cycle through the various muscle groups and do it in a way that allows you to get maximum workout done in the shortest time possible.

I don’t know about you, but I want to maintan a lean muscular body and the workouts are the means to get me there. I don’t want to sweat for hours in a dark cellar with a lot of other sweat guys if I don’t have to so for me it is all about reaching my goals as quick as I can without using any steroids or other crap like that.

While I will present different training methods on this blog, the main focus will be on how to get the most increase in lean musclemass gains in the shortest time possible.

Note that different exercises provide different levels of stimulation. While exercises such as leg extensions, are great for sculpting the lower part of the quadriceps, they produce less stimulating effects than the squat excersis for instance.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

What make a bodybuilding exercise truly efficient?

The efficacy of an exercise really depends on the exercise’s ability to prompt the nervous system to activate the maximum amount of muscle fibers possible in each repetition. How many muscle fibers get activated refers to an exercise’s ability to provide Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMS}.

In other words; to get maximum results from the time you invest in your gym, you need to make sure that the exercises you decide to do have the highest NMS potential.

Neuromuscular Stimulation is extremely important as it is the nervous system that sends a signal to the brain requesting to start the muscle growth process. If you know how much Neuromuscular Stimulation each of your bodybuilding exercises provides you will be able to make smart choices regarding the time you spend on your bodybuilding routines. You simply want to focus your training on the bodybuilding exercises that gives you the maximum muscle growth in the shortest time spent in the gym.

So…how can you figure out what the stimulation factor of the different Bodybuilding Exercises are?

Let’s move on to the next section…


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