Bodybuilding Excercises and the NMS Class Cont

Bodybuilding Excercises

- NMS Class System Continued -
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Bodybuilding Excercises – NMS  Class 3a
NMS class 3a exercises are typically one joint isolation exercises performed with free weights like for instance the concentration curl performed with a dumbbell. Whether a multi joint exercise performed on a machine is any better or worse than the ones offered by a free weight isolation exercise is currently not certain. However, for the purposes of this discussion, let’s just assume that the free weight isolation exercise will provide more stimulation as stabiliser muscles come into play and it is always best to do exercises involving the stabilizer muscles (unless you do heavy lifting or high-weight exercises because then it can cause serious injury!!).

Bodybuilding Excercises – NMS Class 3b

The class 3b Bodybuilding Exercises are basically multi jointed basic exercises performed with barbell free weights.

Bodybuilding Excercises – NMS Class 3c
Class 3c exercises are multi jointed basic exercises performed with dumbbell free weights. The barbell exercises provide less NMS than the dumbbells. The dumbbells provide the highest NMS in this category as it stimulates more muscles including the stabiliasation muscles.

Bodybuilding Excercises – NMS Class 4

Class 4 exercises are the king of bodybuilding exercises because they are free weight exercises where your body moves freely through space. Any exercise where your torso is the one moving, like for instance squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, close grip chins, pushups, lunges, and dips, will give you the most stimulation possible and as a result also much faster results. Have you ever been to the gym and seen people do excellent amounts of weights in a pulldown machine but having serious trouble doing pull-ups? It’s ridiculous but it’s common…

This is because in order to perform these type of exercises you need to be capable of not only carrying the added resistance but you also need to involve your bodyweight as well. As a result, many muscles are called into play in order to perform this exercise.

So… by performing dips, chinups, squats and deadlifts you are really hitting every single muscle in your body and you create fast results and most importantly; functional strength!

Some security guys at my previous job looked like really huge scary guys but they could hardly lift or carry anything usefull because they didn’t have functional strength. 

One cool thing is that if you rock at performing pull-ups you will see that performing pulldowns becomes really easy. Actually, depending on your pull-up strength, you might be able to lift the whole stack in most pulldown machines. On the other hand, while you may be excellent at performing pulldowns you are probably not as good performing pull-ups as the strength gained in the pulldown exercise is not as transferable as the strenght gained in a pull-up. Why? The reason for this phenomenon is the NMS.

Conclusion and last thoughts

By now you should know which bodybuilding exercises that will give you the fastest results. To get the most bang for your buck I recommend the following:

If you whish to follow my very low volume routines (usually 3 to 7 sets per bodypart), please choose exercises in the Class 3b, 3c and 4 region.

If decide to follow my medium volume type of routine ( typically 8 to 13 sets per bodypart), stick to Class 3b, 3c and 4 type of exercises. In the bodybuilding exercises where you perform 12-13 sets  try to do a couple of low-repetition sets before and after. This is especially important for the legs in which a leg extension movement at the beginning of the workout is great for pre-exhausting the quads or at the end of the workout serves as a great finishing movement.

For the higher volume routines (often 14 to 20 sets per bodypart) you can get away with having one third of your routine composed of lower class (Classes 3a and below) exercises.

A good tip is also, when doing exercises only consisting of your own body like for instance push ups, to try to balance your legs or arms (or both if you are really good! :)   ) on a medicine ball or one of those big “balance balls”. This will not only increase your overal balance but it will make the balance muscles/stabilisation muscles work as well and give you a fitter, more muscular, body.

Remember, your body is lazy and your brain will avoid pain for any reason. Convincing your body to grow and develop muscle is not an easy task. Also, unless your exercises provides significant NMS effect you will NEVER grow any real muscle mass. So, make sure you always choose bodybuilding exercises from the higher classes in order to show your body that you are serious.

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