Bodybuilding Excercises and the NMS Class System

Bodybuilding Excercises

…and the NMS Class System

The NMS Class System

There is really no such thing as a NMS class system but I read an article by a fellow bodybuilder and he had made up his own class system which I liked. He has based it on the same class rating system used for classifying the speed of internet connections through your phone line and tailored it to fit our purpose. The lower the number is the lower the speed of your internet connection is. 

His exercise rating system is composed of 4 classes; a Class 1 exercise yields the lowest NMS
(this class is composed of variable resistance machine type of exercises)

A Class 4 exercise yields the highest NMS and is therefore the hardest but most stimulating one. These are the kind of exercises you should aim for and put most of your time into. Each class may also have their own subclasses such as Class 1a and Class 1b.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the classes…:

First Class – Class 1a
[insert video/Picture] Class 1a exercises are the ones composed of isolation excercises, focusing on one joint, performed in variable resistance machines like for instance the Nautilus. As the whole movement of the exercise is controlled they provide the least amount of stimulation because the stabiliser muscles do not need to get involved as the stabilisator machine takes care of the stabilisation process. The curl machine is an example of this exercise.

Second Class – Class 1b
Class 1b consist of multi-joint exercises which compound of movements performed in a variable resistance machine. One exercise to demonstrate this movement would be the incline bench press done in a Hammer Strength machine. Because the movement is a compound one, more muscles get involved and therefore the neuromuscular stimulation is higher than the ones you get from a machine curl for instance. However, as the machine still takes care of the stabilisation it limits the muscle growth you get from the exercise.

Third Class – Class 2a
The third class in this system – Class 2a Bodybuilding Exercises – consists of one joint – isolation – exercises done with non-variable resistance machines. One example of an exercise like this would be the leg-extension exercise. Many of the “home-gyms” with benches typically have leg-extensions attachments. These attachments lack the pulleys and the cams that would make the exercise a variable resistance exercise. As a result, the muscles need to get more involved in the movements which may actually be a good thing as it may result in better muscle stimulation.

Fourth Class – Class 2b
The class 2b bodybuilding exercises are composed of basic multi-joint exercises. These exercises are performed with non-variable resistance machines. A typical example of a machine like that could be the bench press unit that is attached to the Universal type of machines or maybe a leg press machine that contains no pulleys or cams that would make the exercise easier. If there are no cams or pulleys to make the exercise easier to perform you lift the weight your self and as a result the NMS is higher.

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