Bodybuilding Exercises – Blasting Your Biceps

Bodybuilding Exercises

We all want huge arms, right? The real big guns, arms that display power and endless hard hours of Bodybuilding Exercises. Personally, I think arms are the easiest part of the body to really make good looking. It is quite easy to get some good show off arms :) Being a bodybuilder I’m sure you agree having big biceps that lack detail and vascularity is like having a gun with no ammunition. Try these two exercises in this video that will help keep your arms fully loaded at all times and Blast your Biceps into Oblivion! He he…


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25 Responses to “Bodybuilding Exercises – Blasting Your Biceps”

  1. t5kcannon Says:

    Really nice tips, …
    Really nice tips, thanks.

  2. hyerollerxx Says:

    this is guy is real …
    this is guy is real good…nice tips man thanks alot

  3. blaze8272000 Says:

    wow just did it in …
    wow just did it in the gym and my arms are still numb

  4. nsone Says:

    good stuff
    good stuff

  5. nenna69 Says:

    hey man i’ve gotta …
    hey man i’ve gotta thank guys like you posting vids of new and different workouts. I’m always hitting plateaus more frequently than i think i should. But these different exercises get me through. Cheers.

  6. L2thePz Says:

    great i will try …
    great i will try that

  7. montie200823 Says:

    feel the burn boy
    feel the burn boy

  8. iwanttoseemrshow Says:

    this was great!! no …
    this was great!! no bullshit, just a great new routine to add. Thank you.

  9. JJack4860 Says:

    great excersize i …
    great excersize i am always looking for new things to add to my routine.

  10. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    This is for …
    This is for indian823. Not sure why but your question was marked as spam. I wanted to answer it for you. You asked if these exercises will effect your growth at 15 years old. All the research I have read over the years always comes up with the conclusion that it does not effect your growth plates. Form of course at any age should always be your first priority.For more great info on training go to musclemaximization(dot)com

  11. indian838 Says:

    can we do these …
    can we do these workout if i’m 15? like it won’t affect my growth will it?

  12. TheSouthernPariah Says:

    I tried doing the …
    I tried doing the second one today but wasn’t sure on the posture. So I want both the head up and arms not touching the ground? Thank you in advance; you’ve given me great advice through your videos.

  13. weathered79 Says:

    is it better to …
    is it better to work on bi’s and tri’s on the same day or is it more effective to do it on seperate days

  14. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    This looks great, …
    This looks great, make sure your focusing on perfect form and a complete contraction each and every rep. Also try going to 15 reps every set with no more than a 15 second rest.

  15. BluntedMF Says:

    This video is very …
    This video is very Helpful, i’m going to have to check out your other videos now!

  16. Uamen1i Says:

    can you tell me if …
    can you tell me if this is a good bicep workout…
    standup curls with curl bar, 80 pd 3 sets of 10
    concentration curls with curl bar, 70 pd 3 sets of 10
    seated dumbell curls with 30 pd, 3 sets of 10
    then 10 reps outergrip and 10 innergrip, 3 sets
    then curl macine

    i usually change it up but thats just a typical workout. is there anything different i should be doing? because im not really gettign stronger

  17. 1RoRo008 Says:


  18. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Keep up the good …
    Keep up the good work, glad it’s helping. For a great holiday gift idea check out musclemaximization(dot)com

  19. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    These are isolation …
    These are isolation exercises for the Biceps. No tricep stimulation.
    musclemaximization(dot)com for great training plans and eating programs.

  20. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Hate to say it ,but …
    Hate to say it ,but yes you are. Eating right is 80% of the battle. I have a program that will help get you pointed in the right direction. Check out my Metabolic Burn Eating Program,it’s attached as a free download to my training manual at musclemaximization(dot)com

  21. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Love Creatine ,hate …
    Love Creatine ,hate the typical side effects.Check out a new product that I have been using and really like. Kre-Alkaline by EFX.
    Great product, cost effective, no typical side effects.

  22. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    If you train your …
    If you train your entire body correctly,using multi- joint mass building movements you will gain more mass than you can imagine. Check out how at musclemaximization(dot)com

  23. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Nothing beats …
    Nothing beats pull-ups and Chin ups for
    over all back mass and width.

  24. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the great comment. Over all mass is just what I suggest most new lifters go after. I devote a chapter in my training manual on multi- joint mass building exercises. Check it out at musclemaximization(dot)com

  25. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Nothing to alarming …
    Nothing to alarming about that. That’s normal, concentrate on using dumbbells as much as possible. Form as always is more important than weight and give it a good contraction on the top for every rep. In time things will even out.