Bodybuilding Exercises – Chisel your Chest! part1

Bodybuilding Exercises

These are some  good Bodybuilding Exercises for building a massive powerfull chest ;  the Bench Press, The Incline Press, Flys and Dips. However, building a massive chest is only the beginning, a good bodybuilder is like a sculptor but instead of using the traditional brush or a piece of clay you are using weights to forge the chiseled look of perfection. The exercise highlighted in this video is just a great examples of how to finish off your chest to add the detail that is so hard to come by. Remeber that stretching is important and it is a shame that many, even pro-bodybuilders, advocate anti-stretching. The method in this video is good after doing some heavy lifting to stretch the muscles. 

Also, make sure you plan your workout so that you have time for stretching before or after the bodybuilding workout….


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26 Responses to “Bodybuilding Exercises – Chisel your Chest! part1”

  1. MrSpartica Says:

    shit. you’re ripped …
    shit. you’re ripped. thnx for the tips, tips.

  2. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Two great exercises …
    Two great exercises ,Dips and Declines. Both are great for adding detail and size . It is very difficult to isolate one part of the Chest without effecting the other.Inner Chest detail comes with contractions , meaning holding the weight in the up position and contracting for a good two seconds. concentrate on feeling the inner chest and you will see results.

  3. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Never to late , I …
    Never to late , I had guys start in their sixties and totally change their bodies. Everyone wishes they were 18 years old again. Start hitting the gym and eating healthy and you will see results. If you need help I have a great training manual that you will find very helpful and give you all the details you need to start the right way.Check it out at musclemaximization(dot)com

  4. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    I always suggest if …
    I always suggest if it causes you a unnatural pain stay away from it for a month or so. I would also suggest to see if you can find a good Orthopedic with a Sports background just in case it does not improve . Keep it iced if it flares up after a workout.

  5. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Diet’s can be …
    Diet’s can be tricky, especially when it comes to keeping your body in an Anabolic state. Just the right amount of protein for each meal ,to much or not enough can throw things off.Try 1.25 to 1.5 grams per lb of lean muscle mass broken into 7 or 8 meals per day.When it comes to training try changing it up. If your going high intensity try high volume, it’s all about shocking the muscle. All these details can be found at musclemaximization(dot)com

  6. mikenaim90 Says:

    hey mike, i’ve got …
    hey mike, i’ve got one question for u.. actually more like a suggestion. i’d to know how to enlarge my inner chest without enlarging any other part, because i’ve got this pectus excavatum problem which give a hole in my inner chest. that’s why i need to know is there any some kind of exercises that can fix this problem?

  7. sunnyatscot Says:

    i wish i had that …
    i wish i had that body
    or am i too late,
    18y old ??

  8. luke326 Says:

    hi there, i have …
    hi there, i have been doing benching and other workouts this year and i found that my left elbow uncomfortably crunches and i think it is a bruised joint maybe? anyways do you have any chest workouts without bending or straining the eblows , but flys also hurt me as i have tryed them too,

    if u could reply or anyone else could i would really appreciate this

  9. crazymuthaphukr Says:

    Hey mike wondering …
    Hey mike wondering if you can help me out with a problem I recently came across…iv been training for about a year and a half now, im eating good, diet consist mostly of boneless skinless chicken breast, tuna, fruit and non glutonous carbs…but i cant seem to progress like i did before, i think iv hit my plataeu and cant seem to get over it, i drink my protein shakes and creatine but i dont know whats going on any suggestions?

  10. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    My best advise, use …
    My best advise, use dumbbells.When performing any isolation exercise focus on form and concentration They will balance out if you concentrate on performing the exercises perfectly.Give it time and a great deal of effort. It will pay off.
    For more about training and diet musclemaximization(dot)com

  11. cressex Says:

    my left shoulder is …
    my left shoulder is bigger den my left 1…. what can i do 2 improve dis???

  12. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Again ,Chest …
    Again ,Chest training has got to be one of the most difficult to perfect. If you think about it , when you train your Chest so many different muscles are involved.Make sure you are hitting the Chest from all the basic angles. Flat,Incline and Decline. Also include flys and dips. Keep working hard it will happen. musclemaximization(dot)com

  13. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    I have to agree. I …
    I have to agree. I used to train a guy who was a rock climber. Strongest guy I ever saw ,lb per lb. He was able to do pull ups with his finger tips only ,That was crazy!! But he did include three hard days of weight training to enhance his time on the rock, as he used to say.

  14. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    That’s it exactly!! …
    That’s it exactly!!! Contraction at the top of the exercise and a slow pace will bring about the best results.
    musclemaximization(dot)com fitandnaturalbodybuilding(dot)com

  15. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    One of the hardest …
    One of the hardest muscles to isolate is the Chest. My suggestion is to focus on concentration and contraction with dumbbells. Force each individual side to contract through the entire range of motion. Feel the chest pull on the way back down. Spend a great deal of time on this and your chest will start to balance out. Fot more info about this topic go to musclemaximization(dot)com

  16. longashton08 Says:

    hey Michael i have …
    hey Michael i have a problem. one side of my chest, the left side is building quicker than the other. I know the the body is not symmetrical but this is quite a difference and is quite noticeable. why is this? and how to i set about correcting it?

  17. moutaz30 Says:

    Michael Your videos …
    Michael Your videos are great. I have a question though. Do i necessarily have to have delayed muscle pain to know that i successfully targeted the muscles i trained? Thank you.

  18. ThatDifferentGuy Says:

    Should i squeeze my …
    Should i squeeze my muscles at the end of a contraction? Like when i do bicep curls when i bring the dumbell all the way up should i squeeze the muscle extra tight then bring it down slowly will this give me extra solidness in the muscle?

  19. swizzy666 Says:

    If you want to get …
    If you want to get strong and ripped just climb. Have a look at bouldering online there strong.

  20. CaptZor Says:

    I’ve been doing a …
    I’ve been doing a lot of chest exercises and I do them every other day. My chest gains are slow and I don’t know what to do to make them grow bigger. I’m Asian so maybe its genetics but I truly think I can beat my genetics if i work hard. I’ve come a long way since high school but I feel I can achieve more growth. Do you have any suggestions? My chest are hard but they are like squarish…I really want them to fill out like yours…I”m 25 by the way.

  21. brianko818 Says:

    Your posture may be …
    Your posture may be the factor in your chest developement or lack there of. I’ve had the same issue for years where I’ll train hard and everything grows except my chest. Bad posture may limit the growth of your pecs by limiting the space the muscle has to grow. If you have a bad posture then try various stretches (foam, yoga and etc.) that’ll straighten your back (especially upper back) and pull your shoulders back which will allow your pecs the room it needs to grow.

  22. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Just keep hitting …
    Just keep hitting your chest as hard as possible and never give up. It will grow with the correct amount of intensity and focus.
    Remember form,focus and contraction

  23. JirSevd Says:

    so what you’re …
    so what you’re saying is control the weight from top to bottom and feel every bit of it. Thanks a lot big guy. Ya everything is growing but my genetics for chest are extremely lousy.i mean

  24. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    This is a great …
    This is a great routine to add in at the end of your regular routine.

  25. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Chest can prove to …
    Chest can prove to be one of the most difficult body parts to stimulate. One suggestion I always make is to slow the motion down and concentrate on the contraction through the entire range of motion. Meaning feel your chest on the way up as well as on the way down.This might mean lowering the weight but in the long run it will be worth it. Check out my training manual at musclemaximization(dot)com

  26. Alvin Browing Says:

    Great write-up with many different useful information. My fitness routine consists mainly of high intense interval training. I find that I am most productive I exercise within the morning.

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