Bodybuilding Exercises – Sharpen Your Shoulders!

Bodybuilding Exercises – Wanna shaping your shoulders? Watch this video to see a few easy to follow exercises to build shoulder muscles and giving your upper body that subtle award winning detai. It takes a precise and comprehensive shoulder routine, one that stimulates the anterior, medial and posterior delts if you want to get truly ripped shoulders. This video demonstrates a great shoulder burn that can be included into your present routine that will help finish your shoulders off to perfection.

Short but very easy to follow video on….

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25 Responses to “Bodybuilding Exercises – Sharpen Your Shoulders!”

  1. pokerstaaars Says:

    Great video’s mike. …
    Great video’s mike… you were born to instruct! btw you have a great practical physique.

  2. magnificentc Says:

    good stuff bro. …
    good stuff bro. lookin ripppppppped like bruce lee hahaha keep it up!

  3. MilenaStrobel Says:

    Good workout, great …
    Good workout, great results, higher effective!

  4. Andrei2006Dica Says:

    you have a …
    you have a wonderful body man :| :O good work ;)

  5. texasoutlawss Says:

    the arnold raises …
    the arnold raises are killer fool!!
    i did em yesterday and added that to the rest of my shoulder workouts that day
    thanks mike i appreciate it!

  6. camel04 Says:

    My friend and I …
    My friend and I call this routine the beast. This really burns…

  7. pyro3889 Says:

    I always do this …
    I always do this shoudler workout, and my shoulders are more cut up than ever before!
    Definitely works! THANKS! =D

  8. larry89 Says:

    you’re ripped!
    you’re ripped!

  9. dooshbag999 Says:

    man doing this gets …
    man doing this gets me sweating

    feels like im really pumping! =]

  10. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    I have established …
    I have established what I refer to as my anabolic base line by consuming about 2500 cal per day. It’s higher in protein, moderate complex carbs and low in dietary fat. Find out about all the details at musclemaximization(dot)and look for my MetabolicBurn diet system as a freedownload.

  11. drl453 Says:

    how many calories …
    how many calories do you consume in a day

  12. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Great comments, …
    Great comments, You cant flex fat. It’s all about diet,in fact most agree it’s 80% diet. The question is are most dedicated to the bodybuilding lifestyle 24/7. As a natural bodybuilder I live the lifestyle every day. My focus is on perfecting my physique, not just getting big.Big by all accounts is a relative term. Most natural bodybuilders are big and ripped.Weighing 260lbs and having less than 5% body fat, it’s not healthy and not natural.Natural bodybuilding It’s all about being healthy.

  13. ABL36 Says:

    Hey michael, I know …
    Hey michael, I know that you are looking to get ripped and stuff. But how do the guys who don’t take steroids, get big? I don’t get it, is it the diet? or what’s the deal? I notice they have more fat on their body, but yet they seem to have more bulk and less shreded muscle if you know what i mean but still, its gotta be the diet right? ( ialso notice that when theyre working out they dont use perfect form all the time or actually hardly)

  14. kadicang Says:

    its difficult …
    its difficult training

  15. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Light work like …
    Light work like this will help isolate your delts and in turn strengthen all three heads,which is what your doctor wants you to accomplish.

  16. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Stick to dumbbells …
    Stick to dumbbells or barbells in front of your head. I have seen to many people really injure themselves with behind the necks.I like to alternate between barbells and dumbbells for constant stimulation.

  17. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Uprights hit the …
    Uprights hit the front delts, shoulder presses hit the front and medial delts. I always use bent over laterals for the best posterior delt stimulation. For a change of pace try shorting the range of motion on the bent overs. Take it back all the way,contract and hold for two seconds and only lower it half way. Great burn, give it a try.

  18. darkscent83 Says:

    does the upright …
    does the upright row & dumbbell shoulder press work both the mid & front delts at the same time or do they target just the front or mids?

    also I was wondering what you would consider the best exercise for posterior delts because I’ve been doing bent over laterals for weeks so I need to hit them with something new, great vids & superb physique by the way.

  19. rlam86 Says:

    Haha, ur funny …
    Haha, ur funny Michael… “Believe me!” XD thats just killed it! XD btw, good training, looks like we do the same shoulder training!

  20. killahkaii Says:

    i try to do the …
    i try to do the lateral raises and my shoulder pops every time. any advice?

  21. noonevincecarterfan Says:

    Hey. I’d like to …
    Hey. I’d like to ask a question about the upper part of the shoulders. My shoulders (mid shoulders) are pretty wide, but the upper part of them are sort of lacking. I’ve heard that by doing presses you hit the upper part of the shoulders. Would you recommend either dumbbell shoulder presses or barbell presses and if so, with the bar behind or in front of the head? – I want to isolate the mid shoulders as much as possible

  22. lasymfonia Says:

    Michael my …
    Michael my shoulders tend 2 dislocate and i want 2 know if this workout might help my shoulders from poping out of place. The doctor said i should build more muscle in that area.

  23. BwagBnaT Says:

    thats very good, …
    thats very good, thanks 4 sharing it michael

  24. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    Although they are …
    Although they are similar in nature the seated shoulder press is more of an isolation movement. I would try to include both into your routine.

  25. MichaelFerencsik Says:

    For even more …
    For even more training tips go to musclemaximization(dot)com