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Bodybuilding Exercises – Chisel your Chest! part1

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Bodybuilding Exercises

These are some  good Bodybuilding Exercises for building a massive powerfull chest ;  the Bench Press, The Incline Press, Flys and Dips. However, building a massive chest is only the beginning, a good bodybuilder is like a sculptor but instead of using the traditional brush or a piece of clay you are using weights to forge the chiseled look of perfection. The exercise highlighted in this video is just a great examples of how to finish off your chest to add the detail that is so hard to come by. Remeber that stretching is important and it is a shame that many, even pro-bodybuilders, advocate anti-stretching. The method in this video is good after doing some heavy lifting to stretch the muscles. 

Also, make sure you plan your workout so that you have time for stretching before or after the bodybuilding workout….


Duration : 0:1:39


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